Frankly Mondays features a very special evening of merriment with the Monktail Creative Music Concern. Guitarist Stephen Parris, a principle organ in MCMC’s core body, is leaving Seattle….to send him on his way in style, the collective will come together and do what they do best – have a giant sonic party.

The event begins with Special O.P.S joined by special guests Beth Fleenor & Italian guitarist Dario Elia, and finishes out with the flagship big band Non Grata.

More about the artists

SPECIAL O.P.S. (Ostrowski-Parris-Seman) is a free improvisation commando unit replete with dark regalia, sonic hand grenades and a warped sense of humor. Their performances draw influence from contemporary chamber composition, small group jazz improvisation, electronic experimentalism, dark metal, droll wit and sonic shenanigans from the subtle to the scabrous. It’s black noise and white noise. It’s cross-genre pollination boiled in ammonia, cured in bleach, dipped in battery acid and ignited with the American flag. It’s a damn good time.

As musician, singer, composer and producer, DARIO ELIA is an important part of the experimental/improv scene in Italy. His music has been often compared to David Sylvian, Nick Cave, Mike Patton, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. He has a huge number of active collaborations with many international musicians and sound artists. In the last two years, he has extensively toured Italy, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Thailand and Japan.

BETH FLEENOR (clarinets/vocal percussion) harbors a strong love for variety and all forms of sonic manipulation, a flexibility that has allowed her to move freely through genres including, but not limited to, jazz, rock, classical, contemporary chamber, Slavic & American folk, metal, punk, ambient, surf and noise. Her work has been heard in live music, recordings, theater, performance art, installations, modern dance, and film, appearing in concert halls, clubs, prisons, schools, festivals, theaters, streets and galleries. Currently she can found performing with Crystal Beth, Figeater, Owcharuk’s PLY, Sam Boshnack Quintet,, Double Yoko, Tango Ahora!, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, and Seattle Conduction Band.

Frankly Mondays (can be awesome)

July 30 – 8pm

Royal Room

5000 Rainier AVe



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