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Dance trailblazer Amy O’Neal is creating a groundbreaking new work, and she can’t do it without you…

Some personal thoughts from the artist:

After creating 6 evening-length works with my former company locust and several shorter solo works, I am thrilled to be working on my first evening-length solo. The Most Innovative, Daring, and Original Piece of Dance/Performance You Will See this Decade began it’s development while I was the 2011 Artist in Residence at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle. I spent a lot of alone time studying the way I move and a selection of my current and past cultural obsessions/influences: Hip Hop, Ballet, Ciara’s “Ride” video, Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle”video, Cyndi Lauper, Dubstep, the broad nature of Contemporary dance, and a long/diverse list of  teachers and art heroes.  I have studied them through the lens of sampling, imitation, cover songs, mash ups, remixes, googling, and homage.

Through this process, I am learning to understand why I am attracted to these forms and the complex web of social, economic, racial, and sexual information that lies beneath it. I have also spent a lot of time writing about the nature of creativity, the often generic words used to sell art, and what makes something truly innovative.  This project is a culmiation of that research/practice. You will see lots of booty shaking and words creating context, thus providing the non-verbal part of the “lecture demonstration” structure of the work.

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The Most Innovative, Daring, and Original Piece of Dance/Performance You Will See this Decade will premiere at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle October 12-14 and 19-21, 2012.  It is the first project of Velocity’s new program Made in Seattle.

photo © Gabriel Bienczycki 2012



A magnum opus is about to drop…3 years of work culminating in one prismatic piece, premiering in 3 cities this September! Wayne Horvitz’s 55: Music and Dance in Concrete with Yukio Suzuki, Yohei Saito, and Tucker Martine.

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Tis the season for the annual Mayor’s Arts Awards…Frank would like to wish HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Freehold Theatre, and the other recipients of this year’s award.

Your contributions to our community are invaluable – thanks for working so diligently to put something on the positive side of the scale.

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Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio engages people from all walks of life in cultivating audacity of spirit through the practice of theater. A creative haven since 1991, Freehold is a thriving collective of artists, teachers and students collaborating to explore both the mind and the heart. Through education, experimentation and performance, Freehold works toward a theater practice that illuminates the human condition and serves the full, diverse spectrum of the theater community. Freehold provides a place that nurtures risk in all aspects of the practice. Freehold is a laboratory for working professionals, a studio for emerging artists, and above all, a destination where anyone with an inquisitive spirit can join in the celebration of the inherent risk of being human.

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Monday, August 27 – 8pm

Tonight, Frank presents Frankly Mondays, our monthly split bill at the Royal Room in Columbia City. Celebrating her birthday, Beth Fleenor brings two projects representing a broad span of her creative interests.

Alongside Slaughterhouse 3, a street trio with long-time collaborators Michael Owcharuk and Paul Kemmish, Fleenor will debut a new Workshop Ensemble that will perform two of her scores. Works featured: SILT and Movement No. 5 for Blindfolded Ensemble.

Performers: Brian Bermudez, Sam Boshnack, Greg Campbell, Chris Credit, Beth Fleenor, Evan Flory-Barnes, Paul Kemmish, Michele Khazak, Adam Kozie, Kate Olson, Michael Owcharuk, Naomi Siegel, and Jacques Willis.

Below – the score for SILT and audio excerpt from April premiere of the work.


(photo by Bruce Tom)


“I would like to invite you to share in a very special performance I am presenting on Monday 8/27 – the debut of a new project I’m working on called the Workshop Ensemble or WE. There are so many things in life that we cannot do by ourselves. Actually, there isn’t anything we do by ourselves, in spite of being quite alone in our personal experience of the world. In order to go deeper into an idea you have to have others to relate to, explore with, and be challenged by. I am using my 32nd birthday as a launch pad for a year of moving through doubts, insecurities, and shortcomings (some of them quite ugly), to further unleash the blazing creative fire that drives (and consumes) my existence. To try to hurl some of these things I have been dreaming and swimming in internally, into the external world. I want to further develop some sounds – some ideas – some rituals – some experiences….and I can’t do it without you. I want to create things for us to play in – for us to dance in – for us to celebrate in – to communicate in – and for us to release in….safe zones for us to reveal our most raw selves….We need this…

Some of my plans this year, in addition to the Workshop Ensemble include more works for the Blindfolded etude book, remounting and development of the next phase of Mother May I, FINALLY releasing the Figeater box set (Sweet Figeater Surprise), an expansion of Crystal Beth to include a party band, the development of my cartoon “Death Bunny, Biscuit & Crumpet” and much much more PLAYING MUSIC and workshopping ideas with the public.  Frank also has a long list of new developments with Invest in Culture and expanding features of the LIVEWIRE.

Please come celebrate with me…and raise a glass to releasing the past, embracing the present & being inspired by the future!”

xo – signed, BF
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The lastest video from Kultur Shock’s new EP: Tales from Granpa Guru, Vol. 1

The band, including violinist Paris Hurley, is currently on tour in the Balkans (see dates below).

24.8 Lastovo, Croatia
26.8 Spanzirfest, Varazdin, Croatia
28.8 Kunigunda Festival, Velenje, Slovenia
29.8 Beograd, Serbia
30.8 Kranj, Slovenia
31.8 Postojna, Slovenia

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This is a collection of moments from the cistern recordings with Tucker Martine at Fort Worden in June. The second day in the underground chamber, improvisations were recorded by Beth Fleenor, Eyvind Kang, Briggan Krauss, and Maria Mannisto. Other artists featured over the 4-day residency in the bunkers and empty 2-million-gallon water reservoir:  Heather Bentley, Rowena Hammill, Steve O’Brian, Kate Olson, Victoria Parker, and Naomi Siegel.

video by Al Bergstein

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