“I would like to invite you to share in a very special performance I am presenting on Monday 8/27 – the debut of a new project I’m working on called the Workshop Ensemble or WE. There are so many things in life that we cannot do by ourselves. Actually, there isn’t anything we do by ourselves, in spite of being quite alone in our personal experience of the world. In order to go deeper into an idea you have to have others to relate to, explore with, and be challenged by. I am using my 32nd birthday as a launch pad for a year of moving through doubts, insecurities, and shortcomings (some of them quite ugly), to further unleash the blazing creative fire that drives (and consumes) my existence. To try to hurl some of these things I have been dreaming and swimming in internally, into the external world. I want to further develop some sounds – some ideas – some rituals – some experiences….and I can’t do it without you. I want to create things for us to play in – for us to dance in – for us to celebrate in – to communicate in – and for us to release in….safe zones for us to reveal our most raw selves….We need this…

Some of my plans this year, in addition to the Workshop Ensemble include more works for the Blindfolded etude book, remounting and development of the next phase of Mother May I, FINALLY releasing the Figeater box set (Sweet Figeater Surprise), an expansion of Crystal Beth to include a party band, the development of my cartoon “Death Bunny, Biscuit & Crumpet” and much much more PLAYING MUSIC and workshopping ideas with the public.  Frank also has a long list of new developments with Invest in Culture and expanding features of the LIVEWIRE.

Please come celebrate with me…and raise a glass to releasing the past, embracing the present & being inspired by the future!”

xo – signed, BF
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