Frankly Mondays

Zero Goose
(Mark Taylor / Jason Goessel / Ryan Burns / Tom Zgonc)

Crystal Guitari
(Beth Fleenor / Ari Joshua)

Monday, September 24 – 8pm
Royal Room

ZERO GOOSE combines fringe avant jazz standards with a smattering of individual & group original compositions. The group uses these avenues to pursue joint free-improv within a loose but definable structure for the listener. Zero-Goose features Mark Taylor (sax), Jason Goessel (guitar), Ryan Burns (keys/bass), and Tom Zgonc (drums).
Put the spaceship on autopilot and let it take you to a vacation paradise…ambient improvised duets featuring Beth Fleenor (clarinet/voice) and Ari Joshua (guitar).

The Frank Agency has teamed up with the Royal Room to highlight Frank artists & affiliates in a monthly sonic presentation. A split bill the last Monday of each month features a range of projects, artists, ideas & perspectives. Taking advantage of the “project room” nature of Columbia City’s new space, you can expect that the sounds will be ever changing monthly, while the level of quality, expressiveness, and exploration stays invigorating. Listen, talk with artists, commune…Frankly Mondays, can be awesome…

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