Monday, October 29 – 8pm
Royal Room

Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble (WE)
[this incarnation: BF + Kate Olson / Michele Khazak / Brian Bermudez / Sam Boshnack / Mike Owcharuk / Paul Kemmish / Evan Flory Barnes / Greg Campbell / Adam Kozie]

WE are a dynamic onslaught of Seattle’s creative voices presenting Fleenor’s works for Blindfolded Ensemble, and other exploratory scores. For this show, WE will present different aspects of the blindfolded work as well as perform the 2011 conduction work SILT, originally commission by the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble and UMAMI Performance.

(video from WE blindfolded performance last August)

(excerpt of SILT as performed by SJCE)

Also on the bill: Sugarpants, performing high energy music for soprano sax, upright bass and drums. [Kate Olson / Paul Kemmish / Tom Zgonc]

The Frank Agency has teamed up with the Royal Room to highlight Frank artists & affiliates in a monthly sonic presentation. A split bill the last Monday of each month features a range of projects, artists, ideas & perspectives. Taking advantage of the “project room” nature of Columbia City’s new space, you can expect that the sounds will be ever changing monthly, while the level of quality, expressiveness, and exploration stays invigorating. Listen, talk with artists, commune…Frankly Mondays, can be awesome…

> event info


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