photo-fullThe ever-deepening, illustrious Seattle music stalwart, Dawn Clement, is seeking support for her newest project  TEMPEST/COBALT. She’s about half-way there, but she needs to hit her minimum goal by this Saturday 1/5 to receive any of the funds…can you help? “INVEST IN CULTURE”


The Band
Dawn Clement – piano; keyboards; voice
Lena Simon – drums; electric guitar; acoustic guitar; clarinet; voice
Charlie Smith – electric bass; keyboards; organ
Produced and Recorded by Charlie Smith at Studio Nels, Seattle.

Thoughts from Dawn Clement
I am so excited for you to hear the music I’ve been working on this past year. This project showcases tunes inspired by people very close to me as well as people I’ve met on the road. Most of these tunes were written in the wee small hours of the morning when that was the only time I could make any music, or in my car on a long road trip. Getting past the hurdle of “Should I make another record of jazz tunes” to “I am going to make a record of original songs” was a process—I have come to realize that if I write about what I know and try to keep it simple, it can go a long way. It’s an important project to me artistically because it shows another side to my composing, singing, and musicianship. I have been working on all of these things over the past few years and this is a complete product of that. I hope you will hear the sincerity behind these pieces and the through-composed intention that was behind each and every tune and hopefully, these tunes will haunt you, in a good way.

By pre-ordering Tempest/Cobalt and pledging your support, you are helping me pay for recording, mixing, mastering, design, and promotional materials. By meeting our fundraising goal, we will be able to bring you this limited pre-release—something that only you and your fellow kickstarters will get to hear before it’s release to the public!!  Exclusive access to the album and it’s development, bonus tracks, behind the scenes bonus video and house concerts (YES!) are among the rewards at the wide range of pledge levels. The album makes a great gift – please consider ordering several copies. Your support means so much to me, please spread the word!


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