Julian Priester


A personal plea from Director/Musician, Beth Fleenor:

“The way things are currently structured in our system there is very little support for mid-career and late-career artists (outside of touring – which in itself is extremely limited – what few support and commissioning programs exist often focus on emerging artists, and if not, have more interest in “multimedia” “multidisciplinary” and “new genre” works than composers/musicians who are dedicated to the sonic art form entirely)…..that leaves legendary musicians – those like Julian Priester who have contributed to the cannon of American music history – in dire straights after a lifetime of dedication, practice, discipline & prolific perseverance. This is not a singular occurrence, but rather an epidemic, happening all around us….if you have the means, please help Julian and his family – myself, my music community, and the world at large would not be the same, without his voice and vision…

Just today I was looking at a friend’s record collection and saw an Abbey Lincoln record Julian played on in 1959 with Max Roach and others…he is a Legend, capital L….and if this is what’s happening to our legends, just think what is happening to everyone else…

There’s one way to change the story: INVEST IN CULTURE….you can change the world right now…

Learn more about Julian’s situation, and lend a hand:


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