amy-400“Delicate, wide-eyed girls with mouths that never open are about the only thing you will never find in Amy O’Neal’s dances. Onstage in her first big solo show last fall, when Big Boi and Verdi came together to make sweet musical love, she cranked up the volume, threw up her arms, and shoved her tongue right out of her mouth. A few minutes later, she was on the highest possible clear-plastic stilettos, dancing like ballet’s Cinderella, until she stripped off a layer, grabbed a mic, sang a shrewd version of “Money Changes Everything,” and did an elaborate pole dance that resulted in a seated position with her heels clicking together like Dorothy’s, little neon lights inside the heels flashing with each click. Appearing on giant projection screens throughout the performance were statements and questions she’d written about cultural sampling, sex, gender, power, history, and her influences. She’d published an essay while booty popping.”

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photo by Kelly O

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