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Friends – I’m absurdly excited about this….I’m celebrating my 35th birthday, and the 10th anniversary of The Frank Agency and to do it, I’m throwing myself a party!! All it needs now is YOU!!

Since it’s inception Frank has raised over half a million dollars and produced hundreds of events in support of so many incredible artists. We have intersected – we have interacted – we have integrated – and we have grown! We continue to contribute wholeheartedly – and know its impact – as an emphasis on creativity in a culture AT EVERY LEVEL gives rise to creative solutions to social problems.

In tandem with Frank, my own artistic vision is unfolding in new and exciting ways and I am generally feeling pretty overflowing with inspiration as I also cross the point that I’ve been in Seattle, WA as long as I grew up in Bristol, VA/TN. That’s an important point for me. Community = unity through communication…it’s a special kind of family.

All of this is important for me – and so important to me – so please join me in celebrating all of us embracing and fulfilling our biggest selves.

There will be 5 bands – Crystal Beth will close out the night – and there will be a craft table. Come on!! EAT CAKE!! RELEASE!! ((( ♥ )))

8pm – Denio + Abouzied
9pm – Angela Sheik
10pm – Led to Sea
11pm – Trimtab
midnight – Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band


8:00pm: Denio + Abouzied
The Denio/Abouzied duo features internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio improvising and playing her compositions on bass, alto saxophone, clarinet and singing, accompanied by phenomenal musician Tarik Abouzied on drums. Denio was recently voted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame. Abouzied is a composer, and well known for his excellent drumming skills in organ trio McTuff with Joe Doria and Andy Coe.

9:00pm: Angela Sheik
Angela Sheik opens up a world of sonic, rhythmic and compositional possibilities that have driven her success as a multi-faceted, trip-hop and electronic-infused folk-pop indie artist. The crafty multi-instrumentalist (autoharp, theremin, flute) is from Wilmington, Delaware where she has been brilliantly fusing her traditional singer/songwriter leanings with electronic innovations since the release of her aptly titled 2011 debut EP “Songs from the Red Box.” She was the Grand Prize winner of the BOSS Loop Station 2011 U.S. National Finals, winner of the Philadelphia Songwriter Project Competition and twice voted Female Artist of the Year (93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes). Wowing audiences with her fearless creative experimentation, mischievous smile and self-generated swirl of rhythmic harmonies,  Angela has toured the U.S. and Europe; and opened for The Neon Trees, Julia Holter, Joseph Arthur, and renowned bassist and pop singer Meshell Ndegeocello.

10:00pm: Led to Sea
Led to Sea is the unusual and magnetic solo project from the Seattle-based violinist, violist and singer Alex Guy, who fuses classical, pop and experimental music. Her live show as a string player and vocalist has captivated audiences all over the U.S. and Europe, and draws comparisons to St. Vincent and Andrew Byrd. She has opened for and shared the stage with a host of renowned artists, including Laura Veirs, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Mirah and Jherek Bischoff. She has also contributed to albums from Amanda Palmer, Xiu Xiu, Laura Veirs, Mirah and Parenthetical Girls.

11:00pm: Trimtab
Led by guitarist/composer Jason Goessl. The unpredictability and complexity of their compositions is magnetic, generating a seemingly new listening experience with each performance. Varied meters create hypnotic tensions. Abrasive chordal and percussive expression mixed with gentler melodies and intense dynamic changes creates a unique gravitational pull. Whether listening to the arc of a Trimtab album or just a single composition, a development from compression, to tension, to visual, to abstract, to the electrical is evidenced.

12:00am: Crystal Beth & The Boom Boom Band
“….fare perhaps best described as world music from an imaginary planet — or at least one recently visited by Yoko Ono….quite compelling and magical….” (Seattle Times)

With the reflexes of a mongoose and the swagger of a leftist John Wayne, Crystal Beth* (aka: Beth Fleenor) spins her own brand of posicore purge-pop-punk-hop: a sweaty trance psychedelic ritual. Expect intense currents of bethnic chanting, propelled by the ferocious beating of the Boom Boom.
The Boom Boom Band features Tristan Gianola (guitar), Michael Owcharuk (keys), Isaac Castillo (bass) & Adam Kozie (drums).

*Crystal Beth is a psychoactive stimulant that increases alertness, concentration, and energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem, and increase libido.