The word from Mr. Horvitz:

Hello everyone,

As I look back on 60 years on the planet and 35 years making and releasing music, I am humbled and frankly a little dazed.

I meet new people all the time, and some of them have come to know my music. Many are younger, and only know the music I have made recently, some are fans from NY in the 80’s, and haven’t heard my newer music; some have never heard of The President, or the Horvitz Morris Trio. Others may have no idea I have a CD of string quartets. So I thought it would a blast to do the following:

Starting today, and each Tuesday for the next 52 weeks, I will be releasing a free download from my back-catalog. Today’s is titled I’m A Fool from my 1997 release Monologue, on the Cavity Search label. You can download it here:


Even those of you familiar with my work have likely missed certain releases. So these selections will include favorites, deep cuts, unreleased tunes, live recordings, and more – spanning the last 35 years.

Next week’s download comes from the 4+1 Ensemble (Reggie Watts, Eyvind Kang, Julian Priester, Skerik and Tucker Martine). The following week my favorite movement I’ve ever written for string quartet. And week #4 will be from my very first release; up until now only available on vinyl, a track entitled Art Police.

Each download will only be available for free for a week, and then available for streaming only the rest of the year.

We will be posting an announcement for each new track on my Facebook artist page every week. If you haven’t, join here:


We will also post on Twitter (@waynehorvitz). The downloads will be available via Bandcamp.

Looking forward to sharing this, and I hope you enjoy the music!

All the best,


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