Established in an effort to open the lines of communication, The Frank Agency was an innovative arts management organization dedicated to bridging the spaces between artists, presenters, and audience members.   Founded and Directed by Beth Fleenor, The Frank Agency was in operation from 2004-2015.

Frank’s LIVEWIRE functioned as a hub and transport system of expanded show information, agency activities & ideas, and an ongoing feed of media from affiliated artists – a one stop shop for vibration, communication & convocation.

At its core, Frank was driven by a deeply rooted dedication to cultural development through creative activity. Organizational programs were geared toward infusing communities with activities, projects, and partnerships that encourage communication and awareness, providing enriching work opportunities to artists and vital creative experience to the public at large.

Through programming and initiatives in music, visual and performing arts, the Frank Agency advocated for the cultivation of creativity through social interaction and multifaceted dialogue.


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Established in 2004, The Frank Agency sought to assist artists in the clarification, articulation and amplification of their vision, while simultaneously connecting audiences to work that moves them.

Over it’s 11 years of activity, Frank produced hundreds of concerts and raised over half a million dollars for individual artists and organizations. In support of its mission, Frank collaborated with and engaged support from organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Chamber Music America, Earshot Jazz, 4Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, MidAtlantic Touring/USArtists International, Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Allied Arts Foundation, Jack Straw, and Artist Trust, among numerous others.

By assisting in areas including advocacy, management, concert production, grant writing, promotion & publicity, marketing, communications, booking, development, strategic planning, and the like, as well as services in artist therapy, resuscitation, and oxygenation, The Frank Agency deeply desired that a higher volume of art be created and received.



The Frank Agency roster consisted of a collection of Artists that we worked with full time on a range of projects. Frank’s entire arsenal of support was available to these artists 24/7.


Artists and Organizations that engaged The Frank Agency to work with a specific production/event or season were considered Special Projects. This ranged from grant writing and concert production to publicity, marketing, booking and administrative support/strategic planning, etc.


The Frank Agency offered one-on-one strategic planning sessions for a sliding scale hourly rate, in cash or trade (when viable). This was open to all artists and offered an opportunity to sit down with a project sounding board to clarify, articulate and amplify one’s vision.

The Open Office session was a platform to work on anything from financial planning and copy writing/editing, to media plans, production calendars, pep talks and any other general administrative need artists come across in producing their work. Together we worked on it an hour at a time. (It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 60 minutes or so)

The reality is that we were not able to work with every single artist/project, and with our current economic situation, not every artist could afford to hire an arts management organization to support their work. With the Open Office sessions we armed artists with the tools to implement their own individual vision.

[ To reach Founder and Director Beth Fleenor to find out more email befrank3000@gmail.com ]


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