Dear Drivers

November 2009 – January 2010

Dear Drivers: A Conversational Reader Board Display

(Cornish College of the Arts)

Dear Drivers was a Performative Marketing* piece utilizing a 186 character reader board located outside of the Raisbeck Performance Hall in downtown Seattle.

In addition to directing the Frank Agency since 2004, Beth Fleenor was Communications Associate at Cornish College of the Arts from 2007-2010, working in event publicity, advertising, marketing, and box office management, among other general communications. For Dear Drivers  committee selected suggestions of jokes, comments & quotes from the faculty/staff of the college, along with Fleenor’s personal comments (limited to Benjamin Franklin quotes and personally directed statements as performance parameters), were interjected amongst the institutional messages usually found on the board. The statements instigated communication with the drivers and brought greater awareness to the events promoted.


Video: Dear Drivers 1

Video: Dear Drivers 2


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